importSubscribers 123456
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Subscribers imported successfully.

Error Response:

Audience not found.

– there is no such audience for your account.

No file.

– file not found.

File must be no more than 10MB.

– file exceed 10MB size.

File can not be loaded.

– can not load the file.

File uploading error.

– error while uploading the file.

Headers from file not equal field.

– fields in xml or headers in csv are missing or different. Header in csv should correspond
to system name of the field (can be checked in Forms → Fields Manager → Variable Name)

Headers in file must be equal to fields.

– fields in xml and headers in csv are different. They should have same names.

Cannot read file.

– can not read uploaded file.

Cannot move file to upload dir.

– can not mo ve file to folder on serrver.

Subscribers imported failed.

– import failed