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With Admailr you can earn while you send to your existing newsletters. Admailr insert the most targetted ads to your existing newsletter based on the subscriber who is reading it.


We help online marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.

Waypoint Software

Waypoint Software is a real time lead management and database solution that focuses on an ease of use interface for its clients, backed by a sophisticated and robust delivery engine. Direct integrations with email validation services and Emercury allow clients to capture, validate, and post leads directly to their Emercury account in real time. The software a perfect fit for list managers and email marketers alike.


Data Management - Manage & Control Every Aspect of Incoming and Outgoing Data


Data Management - Listflex gives you the power to manage leads from all of your funnels or opt in pages in one place. Generate more leads and make more money.

Relevance Reactor

A user-friendly, web-based software platform designed specifically for digital marketers ... providing them with the tools they need to track campaigns across any media type as well as manage every aspect of their data. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. We think the following diagram says at least that much. Take a look, check out our features and tours, then contact us for a live demo.




FreshBooks is simple and intuitive web based accounting software built for small business owners.


The world's 1st email delivery market place. Harness the strength of multiple ESPs and SMTP relay vendors from one email marketing hub, including SMS marketing.

WordPress Forms

Using our plugin for WordPress you will be able to easily insert forms created in Emercury into your WordPress site. Subscribe visitors from your Wordpress site directly to your Emercury lists.


Emailonacid allows you to see 70+ email previews in minutes from real desktop clients (like Outlook), browser clients (like Gmail), and mobile clients (like the iPhone) before you will send email to your subscibers.


Defines spam score of your email and allows to investigate and fix all issues to make sure that no emails get into spam.


Running an email marketing business can quickly become tedious and repetitive. With Adlinkr, we eliminate time consuming processes through the power of automation, allowing our clients to focus more time and energy on growing their business. Adlinkr automates suppression list uploading, image hosting, and dynamically generate links for loading across all of your mailing platforms in one click, and, within our reporting suite, easily analyze campaign performance in one robust interface.

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