Social Media + Email Marketing Integration

Use social media for your email marketing campaigns - that way you can stay social with your fans and followers. Social media integration in email marketing campaigns is a great way to attract new subscribers, make the information you present available to more people; not to mention there’s always the chance that your campaign goes viral.

Notify your Twitter and Facebook followers about new campaigns

Making information about your campaigns available to users who haven’t subscribed to your email newsletters
by notifying your social media followers about new campaigns.

Sharing links

Sharing links allow your users to share your news in their social profiles. Social sharing links can make your campaigns available to other people who haven’t necessarily subscribed to your newsletters. Also, if you content is truly newsworthy, there’s always a chance your campaigns will go viral.

Links to your company’s social profiles

Social media plays an important part in today’s online marketing. That’s why you should always give your users a chance to visit your social profiles from the emails you send.

Links to your profiles can make content available to recipients, while not necessarily sending them emails. We offer stylish, easily noticeable buttons you can use for linking to your social media profiles.

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