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The 2020 Guide To Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotions

Heads up. If you’re reading this article and thinking “it’s too early to prepare for the holidays”, let me issue you a warning. That’s the number one mistake marketers make. Holiday affiliate marketing promotions take a lot of planning. The best time to start planning is “yesterday”. It’s never too early to prepare for the […]

Maximizing Email Deliverability During the Holidays

It’s time to start making your plans for the holidays. If you want to get anywhere near decent email deliverability during the holidays, the time to start working on this is right now.  And while I’ll go over quite a few strategies to improve your deliverability, the main point I want you to take away […]

Using Customer Psychology for Effective Email Marketing

As marketers, we often get sidetracked with the latest bells and whistles of marketing technology, and completely forget all about things such as customer psychology as well as basic marketing and sales principles. So today, we decided to take a step back and get back to the basics of marketing, or rather the consumer psychology […]

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