Emercury provides an outgoing SMTP email server / relay service for the distribution and delivery of mailing lists, newsletters and other bulk email applications. It will allow you to send emails from your own domain name using most of the major bulk mailing programs with plans for sending from hundreds to millions of emails per month.


  • Reliable outgoing SMTP email server for distribution of your mailing lists, Facebook applications, website forms, or website transactional emails. Many ISPs offer an SMTP service but restrict the number of emails you can send and often your email can be delayed for hours - Emercury solves these problems and more.
  • Avoid your emails being blacklisted Some ISPs outgoing email servers may become blacklisted - we constantly monitor our systems and third party blacklists to help ensure this does not happen.
  • Static IP Address For larger accounts, Emecury SMTP service allocates a static IP address so that you can setup white list agreements and generate a good reputation for your email without the risk of being affected by other users.
  • Correct DNS / Reverse DNS All our servers have valid / correct DNS and reverse DNS entries.
  • DKIM/Domain Keys All our domains have valid domain keys and DKIM setup for inbox delivery.
  • SPF All our domains have Sender Policy Framework support for inbox delivery.

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Messages (Per Month) 5,000 25,000 100,000 500,000 1,000,000 2,000,000
Price (Per Month) $40.00 (.008) $80.00(.0032) $250.00(.0025) $450.00(.0009) $800.00(.0008) $1500.00 (.00075)
Dedicated Business
Account Manager
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Keys/DKIM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SPF/Sender ID Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reply to Address Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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The quotas shown mean you can send 'up to' those figures - for instance with Level 1 you can send 'up to' 5000 messages each month.
If you have your own domain name we can also authorize sending 'from' the whole domain so you can effectively send email from any address@your-domain-name.com
All services are supplied subject to our Terms and Anti Spam Policy.

SMTP services that change the way you work

Our SMTP services are unique. We provide an SMTP relay service that enables reliable distribution of mailing lists and Facebook applications. Applications forms for your services and other transactional emails can be handled easily with our robust yet simple-to-use SMTP relay services. There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send. Emercury also ensures you are associated with quality. Therefore unlike other ISPs, which may be blacklisted, ours will never jeopardize your marketing efforts or reputation.

Economic packages
available for SMTP

Our SMTP packages come in economical packages. There are a reasonable number of messages provided with each level, which works out to a very low cost per message. With six levels of services, we have included as many choices as possible, to support the needs of all marketing businesses. We believe in providing our customers precisely what they want and our packages include a dedicated business account manager, Domain Keys, SPF/Sender ID, and reply address provisions.

Emercury, Always Striving
to Provide You the Best

We provide an outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP relay email server for delivering and distributing emailing lists, bulk email applications and newsletters. Emercury does not place any restrictions on how many emails can be sent. Our continuous monitoring of systems prevents emails from being blacklisted. With our SMTP relay service, our clients can send emails using major programs for bulk mailing from their domain name itself.

Emercury is always at the service of its valuable clients.

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