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Why Email Is Now More Important Than Ever

It’s never been more difficult to be an entrepreneur than it is today. In fact, it seems like everyone from every side is trying to make your life more difficult. If the ever-increasing number of administrative restrictions weren’t enough to make life stressful, we’re now getting this trend where all these major corporations seem to […]

Why Behavior Triggered Email Marketing is Changing the Email Delivery Landscape

Is behavior triggered email marketing the future of all your marketing endeavors? Well yes and no, kind of. It actually depends on whether you understand how and why we even use behavior-based-marketing. If you simply utilize it as a “cool feature”, it will do nothing for you. In order to get why behavior-marketing is the […]

How to Make a Killer Re-engagement Email Series and Win Back Lost Subscribers

Are you an email marketer? Here’s some bad news, unless you have a good re-engagement email process, you’re losing a ton of money year after year. But before we get to that, consider the following. If you send any emails at all, no matter how good they are – you lose subscribers. It doesn’t matter […]