What is Emercury?

Emercury helps marketers, publishers and affiliates maximize the value of their emails.

Our web based email marketing platform allows you to take your email marketing to the next level by cleaning your email lists, increasing open and click-through rates, improving conversions and ultimately growing your profits.


Emercury’s mission is helping marketers, publishers and affiliates to maximize the efficiency of their email communications. Emercury provides them with a set of unique tools and services that allow to generate leads and increase their earnings.


Emercury aims to become the leading provider of email marketing infrastructure services for ambitious marketers, publishers and affiliates willing to scale their businesses with emails, generate leads and maximize the efficiency of their email communications.

HOW are we Different?

Email Marketing For Affiliates

Emercury is the only email service provider that not only allows affiliate marketing, but has a dedicated analysts team ready to help affiliate marketers to improve their deliverability, increase the click-through rates and grow their profits.

Insight On Delivery

Emercury provides unique insights on the email delivery, allowing marketers to constantly adjust their strategies and predictably grow their businesses with data.

List Hygiene & Scoring

Emercury’s list hygiene feature helps to eliminate invalid email addresses and decreases bounce rates for the best deliverability. You can increase your sender scores, your marketing performance, and your overall email marketing success.

Delivery Management

Have the full power over the delivery of your emails and always stay updated with the automated delivery alerts.

Insight On Content

Emercury provides marketers with unique insights on the performance of the content, allowing them to optimize on the content format, theme and communication – leading to the increased open rates, click-through rates and earnings.

Dedicated Account Manager

Emercury provides each of the customers with a dedicated account manager and a possibility of working hand in hand with an experienced team of delivery analysts. From now on you aren’t alone when doing email marketing – there’s always someone in Emercury to help you resolve even the most complex dilemmas.

Company Values

  • Respect
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Innovate
  • Fairness
  • Availability
  • Thirst for Improvement

Meet our leadership team

Michael Batalha

CEO & Founder

Douglas Muro

Head of Accounts

James Woods

Senior Delivery Analyst

Archie Montoyo

Customer Service Advocate

Dmitry Konischiev

Head of Product Development

Roma Vlasenko

Senior Systems Administrator

Dmitry Trifilov

Head of MTA Team

Alex Lotos

Head of Quality Assurance

Lera Kulikova

UX/UI designer

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