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Here’s what we believe

We believe that you should be able to send your messages to your subscribers no matter what vertical it is. If your subscribers requested to hear from you, then who are we to stop you from delivering your messages.

Our Story

Before Emercury was Emercury, we used to be a module inside a lead generation website that would send out automated emails
based on birthdays and compile a list of emails and send them based on a specific day of the week. We took the module that did this
very basic autoresponder function and created the base of Emercury.

At that same time we noticed in the market there was a need to support affiliate marketers. It seemed that all the email companies were
supporting newsletter communication with premade templates. What we sought out to build was a platform that would support the
marketer that was doing lead generation in the affiliate marketing space. What we found was not only was a platform to support
affiliate marketers was a need unfulfilled but also there was a real need for delivery support which many of the competing email platforms
did not provide.

We made it our mission to build an easy to use platform with full transparency on everything we learned on delivery right in to our platform
and right into our support to our customers.

Our promise to you is to continue to improve and build upon the tools and features needed to support the complete lifecycle of your customer.

Who we serve

We built Emercury to serve your needs. We are constantly listening to feedback and product enhancements based on your needs. We are here to server you!

Lead Generators

Emercury was built for you to seemlessly bring your leads in and start your messaging based on triggers and behavior.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers get a bad rap. We help you with your delivery, engagement, and most of all we communicate with you.


We have a special treatment for agencies who plan to manage their customer’s accounts.

Financial Services
(Loan Programs)

Lets face it. Sending emails with loan offers is tough. We help with getting your messages delivered to leads that are declined, have dropped off your pingtree and customers that need repeat loans.

Insurance Services

Whether you are big agency, a broker or agent you need to communicate to your customers and leads. Communicate Upsells to your other insurance products automatically, segment to specific types of customers, convert new leads into recurring customers.

Emercury Leadership

Michael Batalha

Bryan Phocum
Head of Marketing

Dmitry Trifilov
Sr. Software Engineer,

Dmitry Fomenko
Sr. Software Engineer,
API, Segmenting, Optimization

Dmitry Konischev
Product Dev Manager

Chris Stefanovski
Business Development

Dragana Milosavljevic
Customer Success

Viktor Sosnovskyi
Product Developer

Roman Vlasenko
Head of Architecture

Lesha Spiridonov
Sr. Product Developer,

Yura Maksimov
Sr. Product Developer

Lera Kulikova
Sr. UX/UI Designer

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