Automatically Respond Based On Customer Behavior with Autoresponders

Trigger your Email Autoresponder based on custom events

With Emercury’s event-based triggers, you can launch an email autoresponder based on:

  • New lead, signup or purchase
  • Timelines
  • Events
  • Tagging

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Trigger Examples

Trigger by Clicks

Let our autoresponders send different sets of emails based on different clicks within an email.

Trigger by Signup Date

Start a welcome autoresponder campaign as soon as someone registers, purchases a product or joins your list.

Trigger by tagged events

Instantly launch an autoresponder at a customer based on any custom event or tag, as it happens.

Adjust the response time

Choose the exact time of the day you want your email autoresponder to trigger, or have it send emails the moment a certain condition is met.

We don’t limit you to waiting for a certain time to send an email like those other guys. Why wait when you can send it immediately!

Easy process

the List


and Personalize


Send and Track
your emails


Get Results
and Iterate


Track Everything

An efficient email autoresponder is just the start. Gathering the right statistics and insights is crucial for growing your lead base. That is why we built powerful tracking tools giving you the best data right at your fingertips.

Do A/B Tests

Split test different campaigns to know which one drives the most engagement and adjust accordingly.

Get ECMP reports

Know when and how much revenue you generate per subscriber with our ECMP report tool.

Track Spam Complaints

Know how many of them actually hit that “Spam” button and who they are.

Track Open Rates

Know what percentage of your emails got delivered by the Email Autoresponder, but were not opened, in order to optimize for better reach.

Track CTR

See the exact Click Through Rate for all your campaigns. Understand the exact ROI that you get from every email sent by the autoresponder.

Track Hard/Soft Bounces

Know when your message didn’t get delivered for technical reasons and instantly find out what was the most likely issue at hand.

UTM Tracking

Get precise ROI tracking on every email campaign. Just let the email autoresponder insert and track those UTMs for you.

URL Tracking

Get precise statistics on which of your URLs are getting clicked and then use this data to create segments and identify higher-intent leads.

Connect with your favorite apps

What if you could combine the best autoresponder with all of your favorite tools? We know how important this is, so we make importing and exporting contacts effortless.

This includes easy integration with any of the apps you use to collect your contacts, as well all the apps you use to organize your leads and business.

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Emercury Translates our Email Marketing Campaigns to more leads

Its email automation campaign functionality makes it possible to send emails to web visitors and customers,based on triggers like what part of our email they click on ,the time and date they clicked on a link etc.

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