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Emercury gives you the tools and support you need to effectively manage your client’s email campaigns and help them grow.

What kind of partners are a good fit for Emercury?

Emercury partners are agencies, consultants, and marketing experts. You offer marketing advice and leverage marketing tools for your customers and look to provide the most incredible value.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are managing multiple clients marketing efforts.
  • You are generating leads for multiple brands.
  • You want to help your clients deliver more impacting email messages.

Manage all your clients in one place

Since we know that agencies are fast-paced organizations, we allow you to manage multiple accounts in one dashboard. No more looking for multiple logins and passwords. You can set your own plans to customize your customer needs.

Commission or discount opportunities

Choose whether you want to resell or direct bill your clients.

Sandbox account

A professional account that can be used to showcase Emercury to clients and leads.

Team of specialists ready to help you

We value your results. That is why we assign a dedicated marketing specialist from our staff to help you with your campaigns. Our marketing and deliverability savvy team will help you with any difficulty you encounter making you look like a email marketing guru.

We can provide the help you need

Additional services that we can assist you with if needed

Email Marketing
Audit & Strategy

Api Integration

Email Automation
Mapping & Setup

Email Campaign

Design & Coding

What other marketers & business owners are saying

Emercury was beneficial

It was perfect for sending out thousand of emails.

Brittany K
Marketing and Legal Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Emercury Translates our Email Marketing Campaigns to more leads

Its email automation campaign functionality makes it possible to send emails to web visitors and customers,based on triggers like what part of our email they click on ,the time and date they clicked on a link etc

Ara D
Software Engineer Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Experts In Deliverabiliy

Having access to 3 experts who truly guide me to better engagement and deliverability. Anytime I need assistance, the appropriate expert is readily available to help me accomplish whatever I need. These guys aren't your typical support guys - they are seasoned industry experts who provide solutions as well as explanations, and even assistance in doing the legwork. I don't have to ever worry about being shut down by an ESP again - if these guys think I'm doing something that may damage my IP reputation, not only will they give me a heads up, they'll offer good solutions on how I can change things to improve reputation.

Kirk W
Director of Operations Investment Management Small-Business(11-50 employees)

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