Frequently Asked Questions

Am I on Shared IPs or Dedicated Ips?
This will depend on a multitude of factors. We take into consideration the frequency of your mailings, and the volume of your daily mails. We offer shared, dedicated and hybrid environments. Hybrid environments are for mailers looking to be in dedicated and need a faster way to ramp up. This allows mail to overflow into a shared environment.
Do I need a Warm-Up?
When moving mail to new ips and associating your domain with new ips, there will always be a warm up process. However if you plan to use live leads through an automated welcome message this normally does not require a warm up. Warm ups are mostly for high volume bulk email. Either way our delivery specialists will work with you on a customized ramp up if needed.
How do I manage multiple accounts?
When you have multiple accounts that you are either managing for yourself or for your customers, you can setup a single login to access all accounts. With a single login you will be presented with a drop down menu to login to any account you manage.
Does Emercury’s enable me to collect leads directly from my website?
Yes. You can accomplish several different ways. You can use Emercury forms and place them on your site and once they are filled out, the leads are sent directly to your list inside Emercury. You can also connect 3rd party forms or landing page builders with Emercury. Check our integrations page to see if they are listed. We are integrated with many wordpress plugins and most landing page builders. If we are not you can still connect with integration platforms like Zapier and Integromat.
How do I get contacts into my Emercury account?
Emercury will accept your email addresses in 3 file formats; .txt (text file), .csv (Comma Separated Values) and .xls (MS Excel Spreadsheet). Simply browse to where the file lives on your computer and let the Emercury wizard guide you through the import. If you are looking to bring in live leads you can do this using our API or any one of our already integrations applications or through 3rd party integration platforms like Zapier or Integromat.
Do you offer suppression lists options?
Yes. We offer options for you to upload your suppression lists with the option of md5 encryption as well if needed. Suppression lists can be selected based on campaigns or by message if using our automation product.
Do you help with deliverability?
Yes we do. We take pride in working with our customers on delivery strategies. Our Pro & Scale plans all have a dedicated delivery analyst assigned to them where you can communicate with them directly and they will be proactive about suggestions for your account. Our Starter and Grow plans do not have a dedicated delivery analyst however all our customer success representatives are equipped with delivery expertise and can help via chat.
Does Emercury offer List Hygiene?
Yes we do. Our Pro & Scale plans come with a monthly allowance of List Hygiene included in your plan. Our other plans have this as an additional service.
How does pricing work?
Emercury offers two payment models depending on your needs. We have subscriber based pricing as well as CPM pricing. Both pricing models are based on a monthly plan. The subscriber plan is based on how many subscribers you have in your account on a monthly basis. These plans are mostly for accounts that have customers or subscribers that will remain on their list for the lifetime of the account. The CPM plans are based on the amounts of messages sent on a monthly basis. There is NO limit on contacts/subscribers in your account. This plan is mostly for accounts with high daily lead volume.
Do you require a long-term commitment to start using Emercury?
No. Emercury is available on a monthly basis, however, many of our customers choose our 6- or 12-months plan to take advantage of special discounts.
What kind of stats can I expect to see with Emercury?
With Emercury you can expect to see when your contact has opened, clicked, unsubscribed, forwarded, or complained about your email. We will break down each of those actions with the date/ time, browser they used, mobile or desktop device and IP address. When clicked we will also show you how many times and what they clicked on. All reports are exportable via csv and html.
If an email bounces we will mark it as a soft or hard bounce. All hard bounces are marked and wont be mailed again. All complaints are marked and wont be mailed again.
All reporting is in real time so there is no need to wait to see how your campaign is doing. You can also integrate with your Google Analytics account directly from each campaign.
I’m trying to register and it won’t take my email address.
For registration we require a business email address. We are b2b platform so it only makes sense for us to ask for your business email address. If you use a free mailbox address like @gmail.com, for your business address, you can use this but you will not be able to send until you verify ownership of your website address.
My current ESP kicked me off my account, will that happen with Emercury?
We hear this quite often. Unfortunately many ESP’s out there treat you as a number and not a real person. We believe you should be able to communicate with your customers no matter what vertical they are in. We are very transparent and open with our communication. You don’t have to worry about waking up one morning and your account being locked out and your date being help hostage. As long as you are transparent with us, we will be transparent with you.
Do you sell lists?
No we do not sell lists. We provide the platform for you to manage your email communication to your leads and customers.
How quickly can I expect messages to be delivered to my contacts?
Most messages are delivered by Emercury email servers within minutes of sending your email. The arrival into your prospective customers’ inbox will depend on their ISPs infrastructure and receiving capacity.
What do I have to do to set up Emercury?
Getting started is really very easy. Signing up for an account will only take a minute. Once you have been logged in to your account, you will want to do the following:
– Onboarding (Schedule time with your onboarding specialist)
– Setup your Contact Information
– Create your Sender Profile
– Create your campaign (Broadcast, Automation)
– Add your contacts (Lead Form, API, 3rd party Integrations, Import)
– Send a test campaign
Is there training available?
Absolutely! We are here to help, starting from the day you sign up. You can contact our customer success representatives or onboarding specialist and we will walk you through every step of the way.
Is Emercury’s system compatible with the anti-spam laws?
Yes. Emercury is completely compatible with the latest anti-spam laws. Our solution includes a CAN-SPAM compliance package that automates many of the requirements mandated by law.
Why do we need a postmaster address?
Can I use my personal address as my postmaster address or does it need to be postmaster@?
How come my DKIM/SPF is not updating or how do I check my DKIM/SPF is updated correctly?
To check dkim and spf go to settings – from address then choose the from address you want to check by selecting the check box next to it. Then choose actions – dkim/spf check from the drop down on the right side. If it is all green then you have successfully updated your dkim and spf.
Can I delete contacts from my account that are inactive?
Yes. You can purge contacts or leads that are no longer active or being mailed. As long as they have not been mailed in the last 30 days. We offer a way to purge the data in a few simple steps.

Email lists

What happens to my list after I upload it in to Emercury?
Your list is safe behind our heavily secured firewalls. It will reside in your Emercury account until you remove your list. Emercury will never rent, share or sell your list. For more details read our Email Privacy Policy.
What if I don’t have an email list?
No Problem. It’s time to get started! There are several ways you can collect email addresses. Emercury provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be put on your website. Your site visitors can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to your Emercury account. You have access to this tool even in the free trial.
Other ways to collect would be to set up a guest register and have customers provide you with their email addresses that you will import in to your Emercury account. Trade shows, conferences, purchases – any time you touch your customer, invite them to join your list.


What are the non-profit Discounts?
The prices are based on the number of email addresses in your account. The standard discounts that we offer are 10% for 6 months and 15% of a full year. However, if you forward your 501 (c) (3) or equivalent non -profit documentation, you are eligible for a 20% (6 months) or 30% (annual) discount.
What are the Pre-Pay Discounts?
The pre-payment options provide discounts on the standard pricing. You can pre- pay for 12 months of service and get a 15% discount, or pre-pay for 6 months and get a 10% discount. If you do decide to choose a pre-payment plan, you have the option of paying by check or credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard & Discover Card.
Do I have to sign a contract to use Emercury?
Absolutely not! You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when signing up for our free trial.
Do I have to give a credit card to take advantage of the free trial?
No credit card is required when signing up for the free trial.
Isn’t this more expensive than downloading software?
There are many cost and time-saving benefits to having a service, just to name a few:
– Requires no technical support or expertise, no set-up (Easy)
– Access your email marketing account from anywhere (web-based)
– Many formatted templates to choose from
– Automated bounce management and one-click unsubscribe
– Real-time reporting (clicks, opens etc.)
– Established ISP relations on your behalf
– Technology and legislation changes are tracked and kept in compliance
– Software never out of date; no need to upgrade (at a cost) to a new software version in the future.

Creating email campaigns

Can I use my own HTML in Emercury?
Absolutely! You can load your own HTML using our “HTML Editor” and using the Source button to paste the source of your HTML or you can use the Import HTML feature in the HTML editor.
What if I want my email campaign to match my website and I don’t see a standard template that looks like it will work?
Emercury offers a Design and Coding service. You will work with us on designing a customized template with the look you want and feel you desire.

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