Email Automation Mapping & Setup

Email Automation
Mapping & Setup

Basked in the glory of lead generation? Now, it’s time to reap the harvest, but act smart with Email Automation for lead nurturing. We understand setting up automation’s may not be your forte or even something you want to spend time doing. We hear it a lot from our customers which is why we added this service for you.

Our Process

  1. First we sit with you to understand your business and what your goals are.
  2. Next we learn what your business processes are. Without understanding this there is no automation. If you don’t know your process, we will help you figure that out. Every business has a process. It might not be defined but through conversation we can extrapolate this from you.
  3. Once we have your business process in place we then map out the automation.
  4. Next is the time to start adding your content to the messages within the automation. (Need Design? We can help)
  5. Finally we are ready for setting up your automation and testing your automation workflows.

On top of helping you set up email automation for your welcome series, cart abandonment, lead nurturing or re-engagement automation emails within Emercury, we also periodically analyze, maintain and improve automation workflows.


 Welcome Series
 Cart Abandonment
 Lead Nurturing
 Up-sell/Cross-sell workflows


Automation Setup $349.00

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    Welcome SeriesRe-engagement SeriesCart Abandonment SeriesUpsell/Cross sell Series