List Hygiene

List hygiene with every account

Are you having issues with delivery? Are you moving from ESP to ESP trying to find the better delivery? More than likely there is something in your data causing your delivery issues.

Here’s what we found through many years of working with our mailers on delivery. Most of the time we found that the issues always stemmed from something in the data causing issues. Whether it be traps, or seeds, or bots.

That’s why here at Emercury, we built into our service a way to clean your contacts as you import them into Emercury.

It is time to cleanup your email list!

It is time to eliminate your invalid emails, complainers, opt-outs, and more. Harmful data will affect your delivery.

As soon as your list is imported it begins processing and can be ready in as little as one hour. Once a list is has been cleaned our system will mark out the bad emails and allow you to only email to good ones. You don’t have to worry about manually removing them. We do that all for you. We also don’t hide what was removed. We not only give you a break down of what was in your list but we also show you each contact and the ability to export them.

With List Hygiene you can increase your sender scores, your marketing performance, and your overall email marketing success.

List Hygiene Stats

  • remove hard bounces / unknowns
  • increase your sending reputation
  • remove spam traps
  • remove bots
  • remove seeds
  • remove complainers
  • increase delivery