Blockchain and Crypto

Blockchain and crypto businesses now have a new best friend

We love crypto and will never ban you for it.

Our philosophy: who are we to decide what you can send to your list

We at Emercury believe that you should be able to send your messages to your subscribers no matter what vertical it is, including the ones that are unfairly banned like cryptocurrency & blockchain, financial, gambling, supplements and affiliate marketing. If your subscribers requested to hear from you, then who are we to stop you from delivering your messages.

If you ever go and look at our reviews, you’ll notice all the raving 5-star reviews. And I can reveal the secret to those 5-star reviews. We just really genuinely care about our partners. Notice we say partners, not “customers”. This is because we see anyone that signs up for Emercury as a partner, not a “user”.

Award Winning Support

We will never ban you
based on your industry

If a person wants to hear from you and you’re building a legitimate list, nobody else should have a say in whether you can message them, and it doesn’t matter what the industry or subject of the list. We believe that ban-happy providers are stifling the very nature of the internet by banning things such as crypto, blockchain and affiliate marketing.

Now of course, if you want to use sneaky ways to trick people into your list or keep sending to people who don’t want to hear from you, this isn’t going to fly. But the topic of the conversation should never be the reason whether you’re “allowed” to talk to your subscribers.

Blockchain and crypto newsletters need the best deliverability

Get those emails to land in the inbox, every time. Emercury is famous for its obsession with deliverability, and this is why big marketers are moving their gigantic lists to Emercury every day.

But deliverability and making sure the email lands are even more crucial when your emails are about crypto and blockchain.

Having an ESP that doesn’t ban you is just the first step. The second part is making sure they will work with you to get your emails delivered. Book a free demo to test us.

Import & add contacts with full flexibility. Grow your list with ease

Adding subscribers shouldn’t be work and your list should be growing on autopilot with minimal or no effort on your own. We handle the technical part of adding subscribers, you handle the marketing part.

Whether you need to initially import your contacts from a different database, or sync in real-time with one of your lead-generation machines, we have you fully covered.

We provide all the tools: from extensive importing options that can even handle tag imports, all the way to easy integration with all of your favorite tools, and if necessary custom API integration services.

Personalize and hyper-target like a pro

Set up our system to automatically tag visitors when they visit a key page on your website, open an important email or click an important link.

Precise Targeting
Build advanced smart segments for precise targeting by slicing your subscriber list based on a multi-layered set of conditions, including tags, opens, clicks, custom events and so much more.

Automated Journeys
Create automated journeys that hyper-personalize the subscriber experience and send different emails and offers based on the list, segment, tags, custom events or a variety of other triggers and conditions.

Easy process

the List


and Personalize


Send and Track
your emails


Get Results
and Iterate


Work with a Delivery Expert

We are by your side the whole way through. We are truly your partner in delivery and success. Work with an expert on an email strategy and reputation for exceptional deliverability. With a dedicated email expert on your side, you’ll see a marked improvement in your email program and deliverability.

Experts In Deliverabiliy

Having access to 3 experts who truly guide me to better engagement and deliverability. Anytime I need assistance, the appropriate expert is readily available to help me accomplish whatever I need. These guys aren’t your typical support guys – they are seasoned industry experts who provide solutions as well as explanations, and even assistance in doing the legwork.

Kirk W

Director of Operations
Investment Management
Small-Business (11-50 employees)

Track Everything

We know how gathering right statistics and insights is crucial for growing your lead base. That is why we built some powerful tracking tools so everything is available at your fingertips.

Do A/B Tests

Split test different broadcasts to know which campaign drives the most engagement and adjust accordingly.

Get ECMP reports

Know when and how much revenue you generate per subscriber with our ECMP report tool.

Track Spam Complaints

Know how many of them actually hit that “Spam” button and who they are.

Track Open Rates

Know what percentage of your broadcast emails got delivered, but were not opened, in order to optimize for better reach.

Track CTR

See the exact Click Through Rate for all of your broadcasts. Understand the exact ROI that you get from all of your broadcast emailing efforts.

Track Hard/Soft Bounces

Know when your message didn’t get delivered for technical reasons and instantly find out what was the most likely issue at hand.

UTM Tracking

Get precise ROI tracking on every broadcast campaign. Just let our software insert and track those UTMs for you.

URL Tracking

See which URLs are getting clicked and use this to identify interest levels in leads, segment them out and send different broadcasts to different segments.

Connect With Your Community

We know how important it is to communicate with your community. Mod, manage, and actively engage your subscribers via email without limitations.

Personal Email Marketing specialist for each account

We value our client’s results. That is why we assign a dedicated marketing specialist to help you set up your campaigns and utilize the email responder. Our marketing and deliverability savvy team will help you with any difficulty you encounter.

See if Emercury is Right for you

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