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Do you struggle with marketing automation?

When confusing features, tools, and “tech stuff” become the norm for automation rather than the exception, you know you’ve got a problem.

You know that email automation is crucially important in order for your business to generate leads & customers in the long-run, but the execution part is ridiculously hard & tedious. Not to mention, the risks involved with trying something new without the guidance of a trustworthy expert…

Enter Emercury

We’re here to help you create a profitable marketing automation system for your business, once and for all.

By providing you with an all-encompassing marketing automation platform that is made by marketers, for marketers.

Simply put, we’ve scrapped everything that will confuse & clutter your conversion — and leave you with nothing but the most essential tools & frameworks to create a profitable marketing automation system for your business. On top of that, we’ll also provide you with direct access to our seasoned email marketing experts. Should there be a need for you to ask/consult/talk to them about anything, they will be here to help you — every step of the way.

That means with Emercury, you’re guaranteed to be able to create a marketing automation system that captures targeted leads, nurture them into customers, and grow your business — all automatically.
All at the time.

3 Simple Steps

to Profitable Marketing Automation with Emercury:

Capture targeted leads for your business


As you know, the first step to successful marketing automation is to secure high-quality, targeted leads for your business. Using Emercury form generator, you’re able to do just that. The form is easy to create, compatible with any major third party integrations, and most importantly… is able to capture the best leads for your business!

Nurture & convert them into customers


Once you’ve got your leads in the bag, it’s time to create a great first impression on them. With our tried-and-tested email templates (e.g. Welcome email, follow-up, upsell, conversion, etc.) — nurturing & converting leads into customers becomes a breeze… Simply follow the guidelines that we’ve set, customize the content to suit your business needs, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a fully automated conversion funnel.

Grow your business with automation


Last but not least, this final step is where you can see the real power of automation. And that power is: Once you do the work, you will profit forever. It makes sense that this is the future of marketing, and it’s also the reason why small business owners like yourself need to adapt to it. It provides you with a way to grow your business in a way that is cost-efficient, relatively easy to create, and also performs long-term. Build a system like this with Emercury, and you’ll profit forever.

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