Training Videos

  • Create a campaign
  • Image manager
  • Contacts
  • Create a segment
  • Creating suppression list
  • Substrings and Domain Groups
  • Form Fields
  • Url Tracking
  • Edit Test Group
  • Searching For Contacts
  • Unsubscribing In Bulk
  • Import History
  • Understanding Reporting
  • Creating an Auto Responder
  • How to Create a Survey
  • How to Create a Publisher Site
  • Final Forms
  • Adding A Reply Address
  • Updating Email Footer
  • Using My Own Domain
  • Domain Management
  • Manage Domain Grouping
  • Suppression Unsubscribe Nevermail
  • Creating Mobile Segmenting
  • Mobile URL Redirection
  • Viewing Mobile Reporting
  • Forever Free Plan

    We don't restrict any features on the free plan because we want you to get used to using all the features so when it's time to graduate from 2000 emails or 12,000 sends you will continue to use our services.

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