High Volume Mailing

The right high volume emails sent, at exactly the right time.

  • With every high volume sender we first establish your Daily and Monthly goals.

    We sit down with you to discuss your daily and monthly volume goals. This works as the foundation for the rest of your email marketing campaign.

  • We Import, Inspect, and Polish Your List.

    We import your list and provide free list analysis, including a scan for abandoned addresses and email traps. We also cross-check your emails against social media, and determine whether or not you need our List Hygiene service: a comprehensive house-cleaning for your email list.

  • We See Who’s Engaging, and How.

    We define engagement as a subscriber action after the email is mailed to them. This could be an open, a click, a complaint, or an unsubscribe.

  • We Launch Strategic Campaigns Based on Results.

    We take the data from our findings and match them up with your volume goals to deliver a personalized mailing list, ready to send out.

The difference is clear


Every one of our accounts receives a Delivery Analyst and Account Manager, there to make recommendations every step of the way.

Your goals are their job.

Alert System

Each account also has a built-in alert system that instantly lets you know if problems arise. This system checks for blacklisting on a domain or URL within your email, and checks to see if an address you’re sending to has been blacklisted.

Spam Checker

Cross-referencing over 100 blacklist sites in realtime, we use our spam checker to score your email content on 150 individuals points. We check both SPF and DKIM settings to ensure each campaign has the best success possible.

ECPM Scoring

Since Emercury was created with the lead generation in mind we built out reporting based on ECPM. This allows our mailers to measure the success of each campaign and know if they are making money or losing money.

How do we charge?

High Volume Emailing is charged based on a CPM (Cost per thousand) emails sent. The higher the volume the lower the rate. Click here to view our rates.