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Emercury has always been famous for staying on the cutting-edge of deliverability features and technology. This is because, let’s face it – how many of your emails actually reach an inbox has the deepest impact on your bottom-line profits.

Getting really good at segmentation when you broadcast is crucial to achieving peak deliverability. 

And it doesn’t hurt that having well-defined segmentation can also help with conversion as well. Just sending slightly altered versions of a broadcast to different segments can do wonders.

With that out of the way, I’m happy and proud to announce that we just have released our latest advancement to the list-based segmentation builder. 

There are two things that this new segment builder brings:

  1. It’s sleeker, more modern and just plain fun to use
  2. (More importantly) it allows a level of advanced fine-tuning that was not possible until now

This is a level of fine-tuning that many email marketers have been (almost literally) dreaming about. And they have sure been clamoring for and asking for it for quite some time.

While you can look at the documentation to see exactly how it works, let me just give you the main gist about why our new segment builder is a whole new level of exciting.

With the new segment builder you can now interactively build “group conditions” that you can contrast off of each other to build a segment. You can even nest groups inside of groups.

Doesn’t make much sense yet? Well, let us look at an example. It is now possible to build a segment that works like this

[has opened in the last 14 days + is in domain group Yahoo + is in domain group AOL]


[has opened in the last 30days + is in domain group Gmail + is in domain group gsuite]

In this example we defined two groups of subscribers. The first group will contain all Yahoo & AOL users who have opened an email in the last 14 days. The second group will contain all Gmail & Gsuite subscribers who have opened one of your emails in the last 30 days.

And we’re telling the Emercury system to build a segment out of both groups. It is one segment containing both groups (or types) of subscribers.

Until now this wasn’t even possible. In the past we had to build these as separate segments. Either that, or we had to compromise and set it perhaps 22 days for everyone, which is not ideal when you’re trying to get peak deliverability. With the new segment builder we no longer have to make any compromises!

All in all, the brand new advanced segmentation builder is pretty fun to play with, and we can’t wait until you get your hands on it!

You have full access to it as we speak, and it is already available in your account. You can try it by going under lists > list actions > new segment, and then choosing “based on a list”.

— The general guide on using the segment builder and creating simple segments is here

— You can see all about advanced group conditions and even “nested groups” in here

— Your cheat sheet to what each of the conditions does can be found here


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