Complete Integration with Gravity Forms

gravity forms

I have a confession to make. The “announcement” I’m making right now isn’t about anything new. In fact, we’ve had complete integration through an official Emercury plugin for Gravity Forms for quite a while now. But I just realized we never formally announced it.

In fact, this reveals a huge secret about Emercury. We do a ton of work behind the scenes but don’t spend much time bragging about it. This Gravity Forms plugin was developed entirely based on working one-on-one with Emercury users who asked us to make it for their own needs. And we did.

This is how most Emercury features work, they are entirely based on what you need and ask for. We just need to spend more time advertising this, as using Emercury is currently one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Email veterans get themselves an Emercury account because they know that it is kind of like getting your own personal email platform, as it grows around what you need and ask for.

Back to Gravity Forms

The integration is straightforward. You just install our official add-on, and that’s it. It will appear right inside of Gravity Forms as if it were a built-in feature of Gravity Forms, and that’s how it works too.

gravity forms

And you might have caught a glimpse at another popular name in this screenshot, namely WP Fusion. If you didn’t catch that one yet, this is another perfect WordPress integration we worked on to fit the needs of Emercury users and popular request.

And let me give you a teaser. As you know, our current WP Fusion implementation gives you a ton of crazy abilities, namely you can use Emercury + WordPress as one integrated CRM/CMS system. But we’re working on something even cooler, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready. Should be very soon.

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