The Emercury Marketplace

Building your very own custom-tailored marketing, sales and business stack has become easier than ever. Introducing the Emercury Marketplace, available on the top right of your user screen.

With the new marketplace, it is now easier than ever to run your marketing and business just the way you want to, with an ability to be more flexible, agile and innovative than ever before.

It’s all about building a stack that works for you

One of the major things that experienced marketers have come to realize is that the promise of “an all-in-one marketing & business solution” is a lie.

A tool that tries to do everything will do everything poorly, and overcharge you for the benefit of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. What do successful businesses do instead? They build their own “stack” composed of a solid core foundational platform like Emercury and a combination of their favorite best-of-breed apps & solutions.

If they want to create fancy landing pages they just plug in their favorite landing page builder into Emercury. For example they might connect something like ClickFunnels, Elementor, or anything that they prefer. And with that, they get a system that works exactly the way they want it to.

Instead of trying to get an “all-in-one” software that does both sales and marketing and overcharges you for it, they will integrate their core platform with a sales tool. 

Instead of getting a marketing solution with a mediocre “built-in membership site solution”, they might just connect Emercury to the free WPFusion plugin on a free WordPress site and get a far more powerful membership site, all for free.

This is where the Emercury marketplace comes in

With the marketplace, you can now easily plug in these apps and solutions into your Emercury system, all from one central location. Aside from the added convenience, it is also there to serve as a discovery device. 

Think of it as one central hub that you can go into and discover how you can extend Emercury and find all of the things that you can plug in and use to build your own stack just the way you want to.


Don’t be shy about contacting us with ideas, suggestions or letting us know what you need. All the integrations and solutions we have built are based on user requests and requirements.

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