Coming Soon: A Brand New Creation Experience

Today we are thrilled and excited to announce the coming of a brand new email designer. This technology will bring a completely new experience to creating and designing emails.

Whether you just want to make slight tweaks and customize some of the ready-made templates, or create your own designs, the new editor will soon become your best friend.

It is designed to be easy, convenient and intuitive if you just want to make quick changes. Yet, at the same time it offers all of the advanced features that a power user needs to create designs from scratch or make substantial changes to the structure or styling of an existing template.

A fully visual and modular experience

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor utilizes a block-based system that allows you to easily come up with, or tweak any existing email design as you like. 

There are two types of blocks: structural (column) blocks, and content blocks. By combining the two, you can build most any email design that you need or want.

If you’re a power user and want to create your own layout or heavily modify the structure of an existing template, you use the structural (column) blocks.

This allows you to create anything from a simpler layout, all the way to a more advanced ecommerce layout. Completing the design is then a matter of filling in the layout with different content blocks as necessary.

Grid view gives you a visual representation of the layout structure

Don’t want to create your own designs or layout structures? Not an issue, just pick or import a template and tweak it to your needs. The editor automatically converts any imported template into a set of blocks that you can edit, move around, tweak and style as you desire.

Available and recognized element blocks include the image element, text element, grid listing block, divider element, button element and more, with plenty arriving in the future.

Found a template that you enjoy but want to have an extra block of text? No problem, just drag in a text block element, and edit to your liking.

All the features you want, and more…

– Undo-Redo and history

– Easily import a design or template

– Easily export the design to template

– Built-in media/asset manager

– Easy mobile and tablet preview

– Grid (Table) View

– Copy, clone and delete components

– A variety of basic and advanced blocks

– Ability to add custom HTML

– And more…

A layer editor

If you prefer a photoshop-like workflow, you will love the layer editor. It is essential if you’re going to create or customize advanced designs with complex structure. It makes it exceptionally easy to choose the exact element that you want to tweak, move or customize.

A style manager

Speaking of customization: you’re going to love the style manager. It allows you to easily edit the style of any element in a visual manner. Just select the element and style to your liking.

You will find all the properties you would expect such as border styling, rounding corners, background and foreground colors, and all the typography styling you would expect or need.
Prefer to work with classes? No problem, the style manager also allows you to manage classes if this is your preferred way to customize and design.

And yes, all of your favorite Emercury features are coming over

This includes merge tags, our super popular and powerful smart-personalization feature, the image manager and image editor as well as some upcoming features that we can’t talk about yet.

In fact, aside from the improved experience in creating and customizing emails, we are moving to this technology because it allows us to easily add more blocks and more features. Some of the stuff in the development pipeline is really cool, and we can’t wait until we can share it with you.

So when is the new editor coming?

Very, very soon. The developers are in the final stages of wrapping things up which is why they gave us the go ahead to share the good news with you.

And with that said, we’d love to hear your feedback on this editor and please do let us know if you have questions, suggestions or anything else you want to see added to the editor or editing experience.

A note on the screenshots

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and the interface may experience subtle changes by the final version. Additionally, the example template is coming from Stripo. And yes, it works exactly as if though you had built the template inside the Emecury email designer yourself. The intelligent importing feature converts any proper email template into a fully editable experience.

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