Send to the Right People

As far as email marketing is concerned, one of the most harmful things you can do is to send your newsletters to the wrong people. The term “wrong” can be interpreted in a handful of ways – people who already have the product or service that you are marketing, people who belong to a different demographic, or basically anyone who will not appreciate your newsletter.

Sending to the wrong people could result in poor CTR at best, and there is a very real danger that it could lead to unsubscribes from people who would have otherwise bought something in the future. If you want to minimize these cases, one of the most powerful methods you can apply is List Segmentation.

Now, list segmentation is not some magic strategy that will suddenly make your newsletter more relevant to all of your recipients. What it does is exactly what its name implies – that it breaks your list into smaller segments, which can be based on a wide variety of categories, from demographics, to industry, to company size, webpage views, etc. With eMercury, there are a number of things that help you reduce irrelevance and sent to the right people.

Loads of Options

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EMercury provides a wide range of options that can be used to segment one’s list, such as using targeted invitations to subscribers inside a particular area from any point of the globe. This can ensure that only the most engaged subscribers get notified about special offers and events that are within the area, if the list owner wants that kind of approach. There’s also the ability to segment based on date added, which allows you to send new subscribers a customized welcome email or send announcements of new products and updates to people who have recently purchased items from your store.


Create and Save Auto-Updating Segments

If you’re running a constantly growing list, you can set specific criteria for a segment and save it, then provide the conditions so that eMercury can update it automatically (based on your preset conditions) any time you’re ready to send.


Learn More About Your List

eMercury will let you discover new things about the people behind the names on your list, with segmentation providing a means to find similarities between subscribers between your list based on specific parameters or criteria of your choosing.


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