Email Marketing Trends and How Emercury Addresses Each

Whether you’re running an online store, selling your services online, or offering an affiliate’s products to other people, the most important asset of your business is your email marketing list. However, the past few years have seen rise to a number of trends that veteran email marketers failed to anticipate, thereby affecting their ROI. Here are a few of these email marketing trends and how emercury addresses each of them:


Mobile devices have already overtaken desktops when it comes to number of users. In fact, even people with desktop PCs usually spend more time online on their mobile devices simply because it allows them to surf and check their mails even when they’re not in front of their desk. However, this trend introduced one problem for email marketers: consistency of their designs and layouts. Many of the existing landing pages and newsletters that are being used were designed for desktop screens, which are significantly larger.

Mobile devices not only have smaller screens, but their apps usually trim down layouts to make it easier to read and navigate for users. This “trimming” down can result in many desktop-specific layouts either looking ugly or becoming downright unusable. Making it hard for mobile users to peruse your email and landing pages means that you’re losing money. A lot of money.

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eMercury ensures that the mobile segment is never ignored, because we provide over 400+ professional templates, with many of the templates specifically formatted and designed in order to avoid conflicts with mobile devices. Additionally, the templates are fully customizable so that you can tweak them to accommodate whatever device you have in mind, or you can just incorporate your own logo, colors, and photos to ensure that the look is consistent with your brand.

List Segmentation

You can have a million subscribers but still see poor conversion rates. In fact, most marketers find out that the more subscribers they get, the lower their conversion rates get. The main culprit in here is lack of relevance, as they fail to target effectively once the list grows to massive proportions.

With eMercury, conversion rates are improved because the service allows you to segment your lists and customize messages for specific segments based on filters or categories that you set. This will ensure maximum relevance and optimal conversion rates.


One of the unfortunate (for marketers, that is) effects of the Internet becoming a mainstream tool is that people have become skeptical. Information is readily available and they’ve seen hundreds of thousands of advertisements online. They no longer fall for generic marketing pitches and sales copy – they only respond well to messages that are specifically written for them, which is the reason why social media became such a big hit for marketers.

eMercury addresses this issue by having the option to take the technical or design aspects of email marketing away from the hands of the marketer, leaving him free to focus his energies on crafting better mails. Additionally, the list segmentation capabilities further help marketers custom tailor their messages for specific groups of users, ensuring that no recipient will feel like they’re receiving a generic pitch written for nobody in particular.


It can be an uphill battle these days, as both mail service providers and Internet service providers have joined the battle against email SPAM, which is not a problem in and of itself except for the fact that their methods can be too strict sometimes, affecting even legitimate marketers like you. The problem is compounded by many email marketing service providers being lax when it comes to deliverability.

Many marketers found that simply going over to eMercury has boosted their ROIs, as the profit they were losing to spam folders and ISP blacklists are no longer a problem, by virtue of eMercury providing tracking and measuring tools, and going out of their way in order to ensure that your mails are delivered in a way that won’t be flagged as spam by ISPs and mail servers. Lastly, eMercury provides free unlimited personal coaching by phone, email, chat, and in person so you’ll have a real live person helping you improve your mail’s deliverability.


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