Secrets to Blockchain and Crypto Marketing in 2022

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If you’re looking for advice on blockchain and crypto marketing, I admire you for being on the cutting edge of business and the internet. At the same time, you are probably aware that this also means you are dealing with a lot of unexplored territory.

Your main job on the marketing side is to build trust and authority, something that is crucial to all businesses, but even more so when you’re doing something on the cutting edge. With that said, let me share some of the best secrets to succeeding in this venture.

Get a partner on your side

Since we’re here to reveal secrets, let me reveal a huge secret to you about the success of Emercury. One of the best things we ever did was to adopt a mindset where we view Emercury users as “partners”. That is, the businesses who use Emercury aren’t just numbers of “software users”. We look at all of them as partners, or partner businesses.

This influences everything that we do, and how we do it, as we look at all of this as us being in it together. When your business succeeds using email marketing and your profits soar, we benefit from it as you will upgrade your tier and need more of our services.

So it makes sense that we want you to succeed and get as much benefit from using a marketing platform like ours, as possible. That permeates everything from how the premium tiers are structured, to how our support works.

You’re not getting access to “software”, but a team that wants to see you achieve massive success

When you work with Emercury you get access to a team of passionate marketers and sales folks who have personally worked with businesses just like yours. This is a team of people who can’t wait to show you how and what you can do in order to maximize your return on email marketing.

This is also why unlike other platforms, our pricing tiers are based on the level of service, not features. Hence, the more premium plans include things like more strategy sessions and consultations.

If you want to get a sense for what this kind of personalized and hands-on attention and dedication to your success is like, consider booking a free demo while I can still do those.

This is all about finding out what you need as someone on the cutting edge and see if we can’t help you come up with some really good strategies for you to leverage email marketing and crush it.

Corporations are not your friend

The fact is that the silicon valley mainstream has no interest in helping you disrupt the status quo. In fact, you should fully expect them to be actively hostile to your entire industry.

This means that you need to take this into consideration as you are building your marketing plan and always assume that they can pull out the rug under your feet, at any moment.

Never build a marketing plan or stack that relies on, or gets locked into a system controlled by one of these companies that may decide that “crypto & blockchain are baaad” and just wipe out all of your hard work overnight, without warning.

In fact, it’s probably wise to make it a part of your value system. You want to avoid companies that do not specifically spell-out that they are friendly to crypto and blockchain. Because the odds are that unless a company makes a clear statement of support, they may choose to ax you at any given time, without notice.

Consistency is your best friend

Most leads in your industry will be skeptical and require constant reassurance. In fact, many of them are on the constant lookout for “evidence” that the whole industry is about to implode at any given moment.

And if you often go silent for longer periods of time, what do you think that communicates to people? Especially if they’re just sitting around waiting for evidence that you’re about to disappear entirely.

Consistency improves trust and deepens relationships not just with the people on your list, but also the inbox providers. A solid consistent messaging schedule drastically reduces the odds of your emails ending up in the spam folder.

This destroys many businesses

Now, as it turns out, a lack of consistency is a huge problem in marketing in general, and most businesses are losing out on a ton of profits because of it. 

In fact, the most common issue I see when I try to help out businesses is that they are very sporadic with their email marketing. That is, they might have a month where they get all excited about email marketing and send out a bunch of emails, both content and promotions… and then they get sidetracked with other areas of business and go silent for months.

That is the perfect recipe for destroying your reputation with the inbox providers and losing trust with subscribers. And while this is a general problem we see with email marketers in businesses, it is especially problematic for someone in your industry. 

Having spurts where you bombard people and then disappear is perfect nourishment for the skepticism that most people have for crypto and blockchain to begin with.

It’s not easy to overcome this, but there is a solution

Let me reveal the trick straight away. You are not required to only send content that you just came up with. You can, and you should prepare content, weeks, and even months ahead. That way, you can ensure that you can always keep up a regular schedule and frequency year round.

And the way to do this will require a little bit of analysis and some simple math. You have to account for the fact that you will have spurts where you can dedicate more time to producing content, and downtimes where you will slack off on it.

What you want to do is to find out what your average quarterly output of content is, and then divide it by 3. This should be the amount of monthly content that you strive for.

So, if for example you typically have 3 week spurts where you produce 12 emails, followed by 2 months of “no time to write emails”, your monthly goal would be to aim for 4 emails.

In turn, if you’re having a motivated period and produce a dozen content pieces, send out 4 emails that month, and schedule the other 8, spreading them across the next 2 months of the calendar. A good platform like Emercury will have scheduling features that allow you to do this.

Provide value, build trust

The single best way to build trust and relationships with subscribers is to provide valuable content and information. And as it turns out, it is also the best way to make sure that you can keep a regular schedule and frequency.

That’s not all, however, as good content is also the best way to create engagement and boost profits, improve deliverability and demonstrate authority.

All of this is for several reasons. Firstly, your subscribers are likely to be hesitant about the topic or industry in general. They have fears, doubts and objections that are best resolved through more education.

Now sure, you could have a sales team that schedules meetings with folks and tackles their objections, but most subscribers are not going to schedule a sales call. They are much earlier in the “journey”. So it helps a lot if your emails educate people on the main aspects of your industry in a way that resolves fears and doubts.

The other main reason that content works to boost profits? 

It demonstrates authority in a given industry or topic. And that is crucial as simply removing doubts and objections doesn’t automatically mean they’ll invest in you. They might just go to your competitor.

When you demonstrate authority effectively, it leads to people choosing to invest in you instead of your competitors. In essence, you know what you’re talking about, you know your stuff, and you’re not going anywhere. In fact, there seems to be a great future ahead of you and you are worth investing in.

And well, content is a great way of building such authority. And this is even if you don’t make it a conscious goal. Just focusing on sharing valuable information and content that helps your readers will automatically demonstrate authenticity and authority. 

So just focus on producing content that is genuinely valuable and helps your subscribers get started with crypto or blockchain.

Own your leads

As we discussed, corporations can become actively hostile to you at any moment, so it is crucial to actually own your leads. Now what does this even mean?

Well, if you build a super-popular channel on tik-tok and get millions of followers, you know how many of those you own? A grand total of zero. It is tik-tok that owns them, and not you. Same with YouTube or any other channel, except for one.

The only channel where you own the leads is email, and that doesn’t mean you should only use email (even though it is the most effective). It means that even when you’re combining it with those other channels, you need to think of them all as mere funnels. That is, they all have a primary goal of getting people to hand you their email address.

That way, even if some company decides to obliterate your hard-work overnight, you still remain in touch with all of your real followers. At least you should if you do a good job of constantly promoting your email list.

Encourage and reward referrals

Just like most of the other tips in this guide, this is a tip that is important to all email marketers, but even more so for those in crypto and blockchain industries.

It goes back to the trust issue. People trust their friends more than they will ever trust a random entity on the internet. So it just makes sense to leverage this and encourage word-of-mouth and referrals.

Do not be afraid to occasionally drop suggestions in your emails that the reader can, and should forward an email to friends if they found it useful. But why stop there?

You can even create a special campaign for the same. That is, you could build a smart segment of fans, and automatically target those with an automatic campaign that promotes referring people to your list or product.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Look, all of this stuff about deliverability, getting sending frequencies right, building proper segments (etc.) can seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, you’re not required to go at it alone. While we do put out many free guides to help you if you insist on going at it alone, you can always ask for help.

This is what our premium plans are about. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t charge people for software, but service. And many of our plans include a lot of one-on-one consultations and strategy-sessions where you get a mentor to guide you.

If you want to get a little bit of a taste for what this experience is like, consider booking a free demo while I can still do those. We can go over all of your questions and help make things a lot more clear.

In addition to that, you can also grab yourself a username for the forever-free plan, while we still have that. We might pull this option at any time, because it is the most generous free plan out there. If you grab a username though, you get to keep it and all the benefits of the forever-free plan, well, forever.

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