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A collection of articles with tips and best practices in email marketing, social media, digital marketing and more.

The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

March 27th, 2018
Knowing how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing might be your most important skill as a marketer. Of course, things like having high-quality email delivery, producing quality content and optimiz...

The Underrated Marketing Machine List Owners Should Be Using

June 4th, 2014
Google’s video-streaming and sharing site Youtube is one of the most trafficked websites on the Internet, and the amount of time each user spends on the network is significantly more than the amount t...

The Importance of Customer Engagement

May 21st, 2014
When it comes to digital marketing, you will encounter the word “engagement” lots of times, to the point where you’ll be forgiven if you start thinking that it’s just another marketing buzzword. But t...

Tips on How to Do Web Advertising Affiliates Properly

April 7th, 2014
When it comes to web advertising affiliates, there is a proper way. You can’t just throw money at various campaigns expecting results. You’ll get results, that’s for sure, but you need to ensure that ...

Online Shopping Growth Means Affiliate Marketing Growth

April 7th, 2014
According to the National Retail Federation, 2014 will see online purchasing grow at a rate that outpaces even conventional retail sales, predicting a 4.1 percent increase in traditional retail sales ...

Things Most Successful Affiliate Marketers Do

March 31st, 2014
Affiliate marketers are a dime-a-dozen on the Internet these days. It has to do with the fact that affiliate marketing is modeled as a turn-key solution for earning a profit online, making it enticing...

Can You Use Guerrilla Marketing for Your Affiliate Products?

March 10th, 2014
When it comes to marketing, it’s not always a matter of having a huge budget. It’s true that a big marketing budget will give any company an advantage over their competition, but it is hardly the only...

The Rise of Photos in Affiliate Marketing

March 6th, 2014
These days, it’s pretty much common knowledge that pictures and images can be more effective than text when it comes to marketing, as they are generally more efficient in getting messages across due t...

Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It?

March 3rd, 2014
There have been a lot of changes with Amazon Affiliate last year, most of them were minor TOS tweaks that won’t affect affiliates in a noticeable way, but there are also huge changes such as the requi...

Paid vs Organic Traffic: Which One Should an Affiliate Marketer Use?

February 15th, 2014
Any affiliate marketer knows that the lifeblood of his business is traffic. In order to make any profit, you need people to visit your website and buy from your affiliate links. There isn’t really mu...

10 Marketing Tactics That Can Turn Affiliate Marketers to Millionaires

February 11th, 2014
It’s understandable if people are skeptical of the affiliate marketing industry – after all, it’s an industry saddled by an unfairly high noise to signal ratio, so that the true successes and the real...

6 Lessons an Affiliate Marketer Could Learn from the Make Money Online Industry

January 29th, 2014
We once mentioned that there is an “underground” industry in the internet often referred to as the “make money online” industry. If you have ever come across one of those ads o...
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