How Emercury’s A/B Test Can Help Your Campaign

Emercury has a lot of unique features that help marketers feel the full potential of their campaigns, but one of the most powerful is our A/B Testing Tool, as it prevents our customers from losing out on valuable conversions because of unoptimized campaigns. But first, what exactly is an A/B Test?

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A/B Testing (also referred to as Split Testing) is when you send two different versions of a campaign to a part of your list, with the intention of finding out which one gets better results. Emercury has the ability to run A/B testing automatically, only requiring you to change aspects of each campaign so that the groups will get two different versions of the campaigns. With Emercury, you have the ability to change the following in order to facilitate A/B Testing: Subject Line, From name, Delivery Schedule, and even Content.

However, while you have the ability to change all of the above mentioned factors, it is advisable to only limit the difference to one factor in order to get the best results, as each factor has a tendency to affect the results significantly – having way too many changes makes it hard to pinpoint exactly which factor had favorable effects.

Additionally, it is also advisable to limit the A/B testing to a small part of your list, simply because smaller lists will benefit more from higher percentages, because the tests get to have a larger overall impact and there are less variables present. Remember that you are testing the campaigns primarily, not the list itself.

Lastly, it is important to remember that while the A/B testing tool is designed to be as easy and straightforward to use, you should not be afraid to seek help from Emercury’s support staff, as they’ll be able to answer relevant questions and assist you with matters related to the system that are normally outside of your grasp.


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