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This feature is so advanced and so exciting that I can’t possibly even list all the exciting things that are now possible. To get some sense, you can read our article – why behavior triggered email marketing is changing email.

But wait, this event-tracking feature is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of. We didn’t want to just implement a “basic event tracking” feature like everyone else. We really went out of our way to create something that can track absolutely any kind of behavior that you can imagine. Not just mere page visits.

In Emercury, aside from all the predefined types of events, you can create your own completely custom kinds of events, with custom parameters.

Every login, play, and click or behavior of any kind is information you can use to improve your marketing. Event tracking lets you see what people are doing in your app, membership site, website, or online portal. And then respond to it, automatically. Just set up an automation using our automation builder.

Without event tracking, actions on your site go unnoticed. With event tracking, you can track video views, button clicks, orders, logins, and in-app behaviors, or any custom definition you can come up with. And then follow up, automatically.

Event tracking is easy to set up. Just add a small snippet of code (that we provide) to your website. Check out the step-by-step guide here.

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